Blogger Portrait about us

A Swiss blogger is featuring different Swiss bloggers in a weekly series on his blog. This week, we had the priviledge to be featured in this row. We had quite a lot of fun making a video about our travel blog. Watch it and read our interview questions! The video is in original Swiss German – so nobody understands – and the text in German…



Bass Guitar Market

One little website I once made in a few hours is Bass-Markt. This website is a list of small ads on bass guitar and bass equipment. There also are some subsites to this list for common queries:

So, if you live in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, this little website may be of use for you. It is populated by the members of Bassic with thousands of ads.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

I have been working with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server since before it’s release in 2007 when I visited a SharePoint Bootcamp with Patick Tisseghem (R.I.P.) in Z├╝rich.

Working on international projects for our SharePoint customers has been very interesting but I must say I am hoping (for all those people using SharePoint) that the new version SharePoint 2010 will be loaded with a huge bunch of improvements. I can fully understand people frustrated with using or administrating the current version – especially when using languages other than English. The sneak peek videos of SharePoint 2010 do promise some nice new features but it’s not only about new stuff- what we (also) want is a more consistent administration interface and numerous bug fixes.

Sam Steiner on Facebook

And of course I also have an account on Facebook. For people interested in connecting there: Sam Steiner Facebook. I use multiple friends lists in Facebook to be able to also use Facebook connections for people I hardly know (business contacts). But please forgive me if I don’t add everybody…

Sam Steiner on Twitter

As most of you, I guess, I also have a Twitter account under the name of “Magganpice“. Feel free to link up to me and leave a greeting :-). I have been active on Twitter for over a year now and still am not quite sure, if it really makes sense. Maybe you have an idea on that.

I am Sam

I am Sam is the name of a movie. Sam is the name of me. Sam Steiner as you may have guessed. Welcome to my blog. I will be posting about things I like in the web, useful links and also contact information for those who would like to connect through all the social media platform that mess up our free time…